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The area of Pulaki has been inhabited since the prehistoric age. Several stone tools shaped like axe were discovered in Pura Melanting, a temple near Pura Pulaki, in 1987. The area of Pura Pulaki may have been a center of a pre-Hindu religion which makes use of a religious building in the form of a staged pyramid. Geographically, Pulaki forms a safe haven which provides a resting place for sea traders between Java ana Maluku. In the 14th-century, Pulaki was recorded as the center for the development of Vaishnavism, a sect in Hinduism.

In late 15th-century, Dang Hyang Nirartha, a Hindu priest or Brahmin from the Majapahit kingdom of Java, arrived in Bali to introduce the Shaivite priesthood in Bali. Nirartha built several temples on Bali including the Pura Pulaki in 1489, the year considered to be the establishment of Pura Pulaki.[2][failed verification] Local legend mentioned that upon his arrival, Nirartha was escorted by the macaques from the forest into the spot where the Pura Pulaki would be built.

Afterwards, Pura Pulaki was abandoned. In 1920, the Dutch colonial government rented the area of Pulaki to a Chinese trader Ang Tek What. The area, including the temple, was taken over by the Indonesian government in 1950 and was restored and protected.



Melanting Temple nestles on a foot hill in Pemuteran, North Bali, in the middle of a jungle. Visitors can find a huge parking lot and some warung stand in the area that offers drinks and snacks. The jungle has become a bit civilized from the wild with street lights stretching along the side of the road and the parking lot.

There is a narrow road going through a small jungle and the local houses to reach the area from the Pemuteran main road. From the parking lot of Melanting Temple you can see the stairs we have to climb to get into the compound of the temple.
Two huge dragon statues decorate the main gate and the temple looks majestic from below the staircase. On the way to the main entrance there is a little place where the people who pray put their sacrifices and get the holy water to purify their minds before they reach the main court. Like most temples in Bali, we enter the middle court after the main gate where people prepare for the offering. There is the main court after that where there is a huge and beautiful temple.

The government reconstructed the Melanting Temple building and it was redesigned by Ida Bagus Tugur, a prominent Balinese architect. Some people come to do meditation in the night time in particular. Some people come to do meditation in the night time in particular.

Melanting Temple’s panorama is beautiful, the green layered hills backed the temple, while the blue Java Sea can be seen from the main court. The chill breeze in the jungle is very calming and the natural sound of living things.



Atlas South Sea Pearl is one of the notable pearl producers and jewellers of white and golden cultured pearls. With one of its pearl farms in the coastal village of Penyambangan in North Bali, where it also offers eco-tours to see its natural and environmentally friendly pearl husbandry, Atlas South Sea Pearl focuses on certain types of pearl; namely, white, silver, and south sea gold.

The company has several outlets in Bali, and one of their premier stores is right on the Ngurah Rai bypass in Sanur. Here you can admire the vast collection of pearl jewellery crafted by an international team of designers who combine the pearls with 18-carat gold and sterling silver, together with mother-of-pearl and a variety of shells. Each purchase is accompanied by an authenticity certificate.



Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi) is a kind of medium-sized songbird, with a length of approximately 25cm, from the Sturnidae tribe. He is also known as Curik Rather than Starling. Bali starlings are only found in the forests of the western part of the island of Bali and are endemic to Indonesia. This bird is also the only species endemic to Bali and in 1991 it was named the fauna symbol of Bali Province.

Bali Starling was first discovered in 1910. The scientific name Bali Starling was named after the British zoologist, Walter Rothschild, as the first person to describe this species to the world of knowledge in 1912.



Pemuteran is home to the largest artificial Biorock reef project in the world and there is a real spirit of marine conservation effort in this area. This village, a small and laid back area in Bali, has become increasingly popular for tourists in recent years.Visitors of the village normally comes from the north coast area of Lovina and Singaraja or from the western area of Gilimanuk. Its increasing popularity as a touristic destination, along with the extreme natural beauty of Lovina and West Bali National Park, has fuelled quite a rapid growth in tourism sector in the area as evident in the numerous waterfront resorts operating in the vicinity.

Getting to Pemuteran can be done via regular bemos and really old rattletrap busses ply the north coast road. But both means of transportation can be extremely slow and crowded. Hail them from roadside and haggle over the price if you are a foreigner. You will see a lot of locals pay just pennies. Tell the driver you want to get off at Pemuteran town center since there is a minimal signage or landmarks to direct you to the area. Then walk down any ‘gang’ through the fields and past posh resorts to the coast.

Alternatively, you can rent a car with a driver to take you from Lovina to Pemuteran. Always agree on the price in advance and make sure petrol is included. A direct ride to Pemuteran from tourist centres in the south will take about four hours depending on traffic on the coastal roads


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